Play, Eat, Sleep and In-between are our conceptual moments based on our main flow of activities and essential elements in everyday life. Living in big city, we might have less time at home, but these small moments become crucial in making sense of whatever we do out there. Facilitating these little moments are the basis of our products.


Talking, reading, watching, listening or having some drinks together late at night… play moments remain the biggest and most important part of our family or indiviual time.


Eat moments bring a sense of cohesion to our home as it’s when everybody comes together and share stories.


Designed to accompany the family of TÔT Stories, sleep moment is always the best investment of your life. Be quiet, to make the most of your contemporary room, share of weal and woe with the mood of your furniture.


Multi-functions. Pure contemporary. Celebrate joyful designs with our in-between conceptual moments where selective products can maximize their appearances in different spaces by simply combining or mix-matching. A stool, a side table or a stacking sculptural storage, it’s you to determine what form it is to best accompany your stories.